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Whiplash Injuries

Treatment for Whiplash Injuries
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Whiplash associated injuries are caused by a sudden acceleration-deceleration force on the neck. The most common cause of this is a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash injuries can also occur in sporting accidents and falls. As such, a common result is neck pain. Symptoms can include pain and stiffness in the neck and/or shoulder region, headaches, weakness, pins and needles, and tingling sensations. Additionally, symptoms may also include difficulties with vision, hearing, swallowing and sleeping, as well as feelings of dizziness and fatigue, and trouble concentrating.

A Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) is a general term which is used to denote a range of signs and symptoms resulting from whiplash. While the exact injury mechanism in whiplash is unclear, a range of signs and symptoms of varying degrees of severity can be reported.

Usually, WAD is classified into five main categories depending on the severity of the injury (Quebec Taskforce Classification of WAD).

  • Grade 0 – No complaint about the neck; no physical signs
  • Grade I – Neck complaint of pain, stiffness or tenderness only; no physical signs
  • Grade II – Neck complaint, and musculoskeletal signs (decreased range of motion and point tenderness)
  • Grade III – Neck complaint, and neurological signs (decreased or absent deep tendon reflexes, weakness and sensory deficits)
  • Grade IV – Neck complaint and fracture dislocation


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists can help identify the injuries associated with whiplash. A thorough history and examination is taken, and appropriate up-to-date tests and measures are used to diagnose or classify the condition correctly. Musculoskeletal physiotherapists are also trained to identify any contributing factors which may be contributing to your pain and provide relevant and evidence based up-to-date approaches for management of whiplash injuries.

It is important to not only address the problem, but to also address the contributing factors which may be causing you pain. It is important to seek an experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist as soon as possible if you have been involved in an accident to address the injury as effectively as possible.


At Pro Physio SA, following a thorough initial examination, we take a pro-active approach to managing whiplash. Latest evidence and research supports maintaining an active lifestyle and exercise to be the most effective for treatment of whiplash injury. Our highly trained physiotherapists will assess and prescribe you with individual exercises and advice regarding your injuries and will also provide any appropriate treatment if needed, including but not limited to: Posture correction and advice, mobilization, massage, stretches and exercise.

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