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Patella Tendinopathy

Treatment for Patella Tendinopathy


The common symptom of patella tendinopathy is anterior knee pain over the patella tendon. The tendon is often tender to touch and may have related thickening. It was once called jumper’s knee because of its high rate of occurrence in jumping sports. However, this can occur in other sports too.

Research on the pathology of Patella Tendinopathy shows that tendon overload and repeated strain causes accumulative micro-trauma and degeneration. So under the microscope, the affected fibers of the Patella tendon are abnormal with a poor healing response.

Contributing factors to this may include any muscle weakness or inflexibility which predisposes the joint to reduced stability and poor shock absorption. Further to this, abnormal biomechanics of the pelvis and weak calf and quadriceps muscles may also contribute.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists are skilled in biomechanical analysis. Therefore, they are able to help identify the contributing factors and cause of injury. They can then treat the impairments and provide appropriate advice and implement a thorough rehabilitation program to assist in preventing re-injury.


At Pro Physio SA, our highly trained Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists will thoroughly assess and diagnose your problem. Secondly, they are able to treat Patella Tendinopathy which can include:

  • specific exercises looking to remodel the collagen fibers of the tendon
  • strengthening of any weak muscles
  • massage
  • electrotherapy
  • dry needling/acupuncture
  • stretches

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