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Our ethos and core values have stemmed from the work of three prominent General Practitioners working within the Western Suburbs of Adelaide from which Pro Health Care was founded in 2007. The commitment, time and care they gave their patients over 35 years is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Since then, our medical centres have been structured around our patients as we emphasise a holistic approach to managing health and well-being through doctor’s services and multi-disciplinary care — whether it be general medical, physiotherapy, podiatry or anything in between. The medical framework through which we operate focuses on collaborative reasoning and communication, a combination of values which we believe is the path to achieving the highest possible standards of care for our patients.


More Beyond Our General Doctor’s Services

At Pro Health Care, we believe that each and every patient should get access to the care they need in one place. For this reason, we have a broad range of clinicians and facilities on offer that goes beyond general doctor’s services at each of our Adelaide practices. Services on offer include remedial massage, psychology, nutrition and dietetics, Pilates and much more, providing you with a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing all under the one roof.


Proudly South Australian

Pro Health Care’s medical clinics are proudly practitioner owned and operated. It’s important to us that our practices remain family-focused and community orientated. After all, our patients are locals and South Australian proud, just like us.

If you’re interested in to find out exactly how we support our local communities in South Australia, check out the Pro Health Care Foundation by clicking here.


      Locations Around Adelaide

      To make enquiries of any kind or book an appointment, contact one of our Adelaide medical centres on the details below and we will be more than happy to provide assistance. If you’ve ever wondered ‘where is a medical centre near me that I can rely on?’ you’ve come to the right place. Our expert services go beyond treating the obvious, our professional staff will listen to you to make sure you get the right treatment for you, whether it be dental, physio, podiatry or psychological support.

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