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Headache Treatment
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Headaches are often caused by dysfunction of the neck or by physical and emotional tension. For many people, a headache starts as pain or tension at the top of the neck. As it worsens, it may spread to the back of the head, temples, forehead or behind the eyes. Sustaining postures or moving the neck may make it worse. This is because the nerves in the upper parts of your neck are connected to the nerves in your head and face. A dysfunction in the upper neck joints or muscles can cause referred pain to your head.


Our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are highly trained in order to examine your posture. Secondly, they can assess whether your neck is the causing or contributing factor to your headaches. In your initial appointment, your physiotherapist will thoroughly examine and asses the source of your pain. After a thorough examination, your physiotherapist will discuss treatment options with you to ensure that your headaches are managed safely and effectively.


At Pro Physio SA, we are able to help by assessing whether your neck is causing or contributing to your headaches. Treatment options for headaches available at Pro Physio SA include but are not limited to: mobilization, manipulation, functional and rehabilitative exercise, encouraging normal activity, postural correction and advice, relaxation therapy, and massage. Our highly trained physiotherapists are also able to offer you self help advice on ways to correct the cause of headaches. This can look like ergonomic tips for work and at home, relaxation, stretches and exercises.

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