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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injuries


The rotator cuff muscles are a group of small muscles and their tendons which help stabilize the shoulder in its joint. A rotator cuff injury can include any type of injury or damage to the rotator cuff muscles or tendons. This includes: tears, tendinopathy, bursitis and inflammation (tendinitis).

Common symptoms include: a pain or ache felt in the shoulder on moving the arm up to the side or front. The pain can sometimes occur in an “arc” or “catch” during movement.

Where pain may come on at a certain point during movement, difficulty with overhead activities or post-activity ache after overhead activity. Symptoms may also include aching pain which may be worse at night and towards the end of the day following activity. These injuries may be caused by a sporting injury, an injury from recreational activity or degenerative changes. Contributing to these injuries may be poor biomechanics of the shoulder joint and shoulder blade, poor posture, weak supporting muscles or poor technique to an activity.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists can thoroughly assess and diagnose the extent of your shoulder injury and provide appropriate advice regarding management. In addition to this, they are able to perform specific tests and assessment techniques. This not only helps diagnose your problem but also identifies any contributing factors.

Our Physiotherapists are all highly skilled and are able to assess and plan a treatment program that is suitable for you. We offer treatment for all types of rotator cuff and shoulder injuries including:

  • tendinopathies, tears
  • bursitis
  • inflammation
  • post surgery rotator cuff repairs


Following a thorough initial examination, we take a pro-active approach to managing injuries. Our highly trained physiotherapists will assess and prescribe you with individual exercises and advice regarding your injuries. Further to this, we will provide any appropriate treatment if needed, including but not limited to: posture correction and advice, mobilization, massage, stretches and exercise.

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