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ITB Friction Syndrome

Treatment for ITB Friction Syndrome


ITB Friction Syndrome occurs when there is excessive friction between the ITB and the underlying outer surface of the thigh bone. This may occur when there is a lack of flexibility of the outer quadriceps muscle and poor muscular control around the lumbar spine, hip and knee.

Symptoms may include: a feeling of pain or burning along the lateral aspect of the knee, sometimes radiating up along the ITB or down towards the tibia. Activities which may be aggravating include: long distance running, going up and down stairs.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists are highly trained in biomechanical analysis. Therefore, they are able to identify the contributing factors and cause of injury. This then aids in the treatment of the injury. Most importantly, our physio’s can then provide advice and implement a rehabilitation program to assist in re-injury prevention.


In the acute stages of injury, management is to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for the following 48-72 hours to reduce damage. Our physio’s not only look to treating the symptoms, but we also look to find the cause. In addition, we address all the factors which may have been contributing to the issue. This may include but is not limited to:

  • massage
  • electrotherapy
  • dry needling/acupuncture
  • stretching

All home exercises prescribed are specific to you to assist in stretching of any tight muscles and to help strengthen any weak muscles. The treatment and rehabilitation program put in place are all aimed at getting you back to your sport as soon as possible.

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