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Osteitis Pubis

Treatment for Osteitis Pubis


Pubic related groin pain, previously known as osteitis pubis, is a common cause of chronic groin pain in sport. It is an overuse injury in which characteristic symptoms include: a localized ache or weakness feeling in the pubic symphysis/ lower abdominal and/or adductor region. Patients tend to report a lack of power with their run or kick, lack of acceleration, difficulty changing direction during running and loss of ability to fully sprint. It is common in running sports such as AFL, soccer and hockey.

The main cause of Osteitis Pubis is instability of the pelvic bones and in particular the pubic symphysis which leads to tissue damage and inflammation at the site. The instability is aggravated when asymmetrical loads are placed through the pelvis such as when running or kicking. Poor lumbo-pelvic strength, control and endurance places additional load on the structures during repetitive or prolonged activity and will eventually cause injury.


It is important to seek assessment and advice from a Musculoskeletal or Sports Physiotherapist as early as possible to implement the appropriate rehabilitation program and also to prevent the injury from becoming chronic. Those who do not seek treatment early may develop longstanding groin pain which may keep them out of competition or activity for longer than expected.

Your Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist will assess and correct any abnormal lumbo-pelvic and lower limb biomechanics.


Osteitis Pubis can be often a difficult injury to rehabilitate. Firstly, rest is essential to unload the injured region. This will almost certainly entail a cessation of running and kicking. The next stage of rehabilitation is to retrain stabilization exercises of the pelvic girdle via specific exercises which will be prescribed by your Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist. This progressive management along with treating the soft tissue structures are key elements to your rehabilitation.

At ProPhysio SA, after a thorough assessment, our musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapists will help you implement an appropriate rehabilitation program along with evidence based treatment to help you return you to your normal activities. Treatment may include: massage, dry needling/acupuncture, stretches, activity modification, advice and specific exercise prescription.

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