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Lower Back Pain

Treatment for Lower Back Pain


Your back is a complex system made up of different components which all work together. This includes:

  • Vertebrae – which are the bones that make up the spine
  • Discs – in between the vertebrae which act as shock absorbers
  • Facet joints – between the vertebrae which guide movement
  • Ligaments – which hold the vertebrae together
  • Muscles – are attached to the bones. Their job is to control and produce movement and provide stability

Additionally, there are also nerves which exit the spinal canal to supply various parts of the body.

Any impairments or injury to any of these structures may cause back pain. These include: postural stress, muscle strains, ligament sprains, joint sprains, disc problems, nerve irritation, arthritis and weak muscles. The pain may be localized to only the back, but may also refer pain down into the buttocks, legs and feet. In some cases, symptoms may also include a feeling of numbness, tingling and/or pins and needles.


Most importantly, musculoskeletal physiotherapists are specially trained to correctly assess the problem and provide safe, effective treatment. They will obtain a thorough history and perform a thorough examination of all these components listed above to diagnose and classify your back pain.


Depending on the cause and type of pain, physiotherapists can treat your back pain in a variety of ways. At Pro Physio SA, we place particular emphasis on a pro-active approach to managing back pain which includes but is not limited to: Postural correction, advice and education, Ergonomic advice, Exercise prescription, Pilates, Core strengthening exercises, Stretches, Hands on treatment such as mobilization, manipulation and massage, McKenzie’s exercises, taping, dry needling/acupuncture and traction.

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