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ACL Injury

Treatment for ACL Injury


The ACL is one of the major ligaments in the knee which, along with the muscles provide the knee with its stability. It prevents the femur (thigh bone) from moving forwards during weight bearing. It also helps to prevent rotation of the joint.

Injuries to the ACL most often occur when an athlete is pivoting, decelerating suddenly or landing from a jump and so are common in sports such as AFL, basketball, soccer, netball, volleyball and skiing. It is usually a serious injury which disrupts sporting careers. However, with new surgical and appropriate rehabilitation processes, those who are injured are now able to return to their regular sporting activities. Common symptoms include: immediately extreme pain and an audible ‘pop’ during time of injury.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists are able to assess and assist in diagnosing an ACL injury. A sports medicine professional should be seen as soon as possible to provide advice on treatment required. Dependent upon the extent of your injury, surgical reconstruction is a common method used to repair a completely torn ACL. Various factors are considered when deciding on whether to reconstruct a torn ACL. This must be discussed with your Doctor or Specialist. We will examine your knee to determine the type, extent and causes of your injury/condition and can order an X-ray or refer you to a doctor if need.


Immediate management of any soft tissue or ligament injury is to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for the following 48-72 hours to reduce the bleeding and damage.

At Pro Physio SA, our highly trained Sports Physiotherapists are able to assist you through your rehabilitation. The physiotherapists will work with you and your Orthopedic Specialist in designing and implementing an individualized, thorough rehabilitation program for you. The program developed will progress you from light strengthening exercises to functional exercises and training with the aim to return you to your sport.

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