Medical Centre In Adelaide

Medical Centre In Adelaide

Medical Centre in Adelaide With a Difference

Our medical centre in Adelaide is structured around our patients. Our team of Medical and Allied Health Practitioners have established a non-for-profit Foundation that aims to encourage our practitioners, staff and patients to be actively involved in supporting and increasing awareness of health-related matters. By utilising resources within our organisation, we aim to hold two primary events per year. We then donate all the proceeds to highly reputable non-profit organisations with health-related objectives.

At Pro Health Care, we understand the reality of chronic illness and its burden on patients and their families. For this reason, our staff and practitioners recognise the importance of ongoing funding to facilitate medical research and any support services for the chronically ill. We also constantly seek corporate sponsorship to support our events.

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At Pro Health Care’s medical centre in Adelaide, our services go beyond treating the obvious. Our practitioners will listen to you to ensure that we understand your problem and provide the proper treatment. We pride ourselves on being leaders in family medicine through an innovative and collaborative approach between doctors, physiotherapy, podiatrists and psychologists.

Our staff strive to provide the very best service at our practitioner owned and operated medical centres. We believe that every patient should access the care they need in one place. This allows us to provide our patients with a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing.

This is why we offer a wide range of services at each of Adelaide’s medical centres. Some of the services we offer include remedial massage, psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition, podiatry, studio and much more. At Pro Health Care, we also have a medical framework that focuses on collaborative reasoning and communication. These core values shape our path in achieving the best possible care for our patients.

Medical Centre In Adelaide
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Why Choose Our Medical Centre in Adelaide

Our doctors at Pro Health Care’s medical centre in Adelaide are competent, skilled and experienced in all aspects of medicine. Our collaborative and communication values help share decision making between you, your doctor and any other medical professional. We also assure our patients that we will continue providing our quality services throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Pro Health Care has undertaken all social distance and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of our staff, practitioners and patients.

With our integrated multidisciplinary centres providing Adelaide’s most trusted GP and associated services, you can book our services online. You can also click a location on our website or call the provided number to find more information about what we offer at each location. Alternatively, use our handy online booking form to book an appointment.

Book your appointment online or visit our medical centre in Adelaide today. Pro Health Care is your reliable health care expert.

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