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Kid’s Health Check

The Doctors at Pro Health Care encourage a thorough kid’s health check as a means of detecting a range of issues that can be far more effectively managed if detected early.

Specifically, a doctor will look to address any immediate concerns that you, the parent, may express during an extended consultation. These concerns may be anything from motor-control / developmental delays, speech impediments, failure to thrive, skin conditions, etc. In addition to addressing any immediate concerns, and subject to time, the doctors will endeavour to undertake a range of further health checks which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Immunisation & Vaccination Status
  • Developmental Milestone Targets
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Assessments if / when applicable (eg concerns related to obstructive sleep apnoea)
  • Chest Assessment if / when applicable (eg concerns related to wheezing / asthma)
  • Eye Check
  • Hearing Check

Dr Marco Gleeson who has a special interest in Paediatric Medicine explains “The beauty about kids is that they are so responsive to early and appropriate intervention. Routine checks with a GP can assist in early detection of a range of conditions that have a far better outcome when the appropriate treatment plan is undertaken”.

“One of the main areas we focus on is ensuring that each child is up to date with their relevant immunisations for their age. This includes consideration to more recent vaccinations that have not previously been part of the vaccination schedule such as the range of Meningococcal strains. Immunisation is imperative in the prevention of an array of life threatening contactable diseases and should be thoroughly assessed prior to commencing school, where the likelihood of exposure becomes more significant”.

Kids Health Checks require a longer consultation and there may be a need to undertake the assessment over two separate consultations pending the outcome of any investigations. So please advise reception staff as to the nature of your request upon booking or book online at any of our locations.

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