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Adult Vaccinations at Pro Medical SA

Immunisation is not only important for children, but adults too. Even though adults may have been vaccinated as children, booster doses may be required to maintain immunity from certain diseases (such as whooping cough) and new vaccines have been developed that were not previously available.

Immunisations recommended for adults may relate to your age, your Indigenous status, your occupation, if you have had injury or illness, your vaccination history, plans to travel, if you are planning to start a family or just part of staying healthy.

Some people have special vaccination requirements. If you identify with any of the following, you should talk to your doctor before being vaccinated:

  1. Pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy;
  2. Have previously had a serious adverse event following immunisation; or
  3. Impaired immunity due to disease or treatment.

Some vaccines are available free of charge for eligible persons through the National Immunisation Program Schedule. You will have to purchase and pay for other vaccines with a prescription from your doctor.
At Pro Medical SA, our team of Health Practitioners will be able to provide advice on appropriate vaccinations for individual circumstances.

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