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Tele-Health Consultations

Tele-Health Consultations

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, doctors will be performing a majority of consultations via Telehealth. This allows patients (particularly the vulnerable), to remain isolated for the majority of their health care needs.
From 30th March, 2020 it is expected that the Government will announce Telehealth availability for all patients, in which case Pro Health Care will bulk-bill all patients for this service.
There are some instances where patients will still be required to attend the clinic. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Immunisations / Vaccinations
  • Wounds / Dressings
  • Other point of care services

Your doctor will advise you whether it is necessary to attend the clinic in person. Please be aware that Tele-Health Consultations can be requested from our on-line booking system. All doctors are working tirelessly to accommodate their regular patients as best as possible throughout this very challenging period. Book Online now to request a Bulk-Billed Tele-Health Consultation with an Adelaide doctor today.

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