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Cervical Screening Tests (Formerly – Pap Smears) at Pro Medical SA

What is a Cervical Screening Test?
A Cervical Screening test is used to detect the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus can cause changes in the cervix which may develop into cervical cancer.

How is the Cervical Screening Test done?
The cervix is the opening of the uterus (neck of the womb) and is at the top of your vagina. The new cervical screening test is done the same way as the old pap smear test. It night be uncomfortable but it should not hurt.

How often do I need a Cervical Screening Test?
The Cervical Screening Test replaces the 2 yearly pap smear test. Women should begin cervical screening from age 25. If you are aged 25-74 you should have your cervical screening test 2 years after your last pap smear. If your cervical screening test is negative, you will be asked to have another screening test in 5 years. Your Doctor will maintain a recall list for Cervical Screening Tests. Once you have attended for a Test, you will be placed on a 5 year recall to ensure that the test is undertaken within best practice guidelines for the prevention of Cervical Cancer. It is therefore important that patients advise our clinic of any change in contact details.

The Doctors at Pro Medical SA appreciate that this test is associated with some discomfort. In light of this, Female Doctors and Practice Nurses that are able to perform this screening test should this be preferred.

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