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Women’s Health Checks at Pro Medical SA

The Doctors at Pro Medical SA place an emphasis on the prevention of disease and early detection. For this reason, we encourage a complete health check to be undertaken from time to time. The purpose of health checks are to address any issues or concerns that may be presenting as well as look at important preventive health strategies.

What is involved in a Women’s Health Check?

A thorough Women’s Health Check will include any or all of the following:

  • Cervical Screening Test
  • Breast Check
  • Discussion regarding contraception or family planning as appropriate
  • Discussion regarding menopausal changes as appropriate
  • Immunisation Updates as appropriate
  • General Health Check as appropriate (eg Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Blood Tests)

How long does it take?

Your doctor will set aside a longer consultation to discuss a range of issues and will ordinarily need to complete the Women’s Health Check over at least 2 consultations so that there is an opportunity to discuss the results of any tests that were ordered and put in place an appropriate course of action.

Who should have a Women’s Health Check?

We recommend a Women’s Health Check for all women over the age of 25, especially if sexually active. We particularly encourage a Women’s Health Check if there is a familial history of malignancy such as a parent, sibling or child that has suffered breast cancer, cervical / ovarian / vaginal cancer.

Pro Health Care supports National Breast Cancer Foundation every Autumn…

Every Autumn, we undertake a Women’s Health Awareness campaign whereby a portion of every Women’s Health Check is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is an initiative that we are very proud to be involved in as we look to improve breast cancer survival rates through early detection amongst a range of other Women’ Health conditions. Call or Book Online Today!

How do I arrange an appointment?

At Pro Health Care we pride ourselves on taking the time to genuinely listen to our patient’s concerns and provide an opportunity to implement preventive health strategies. If you think you or a loved one may benefit from a Women’s Health Check, please take the time to call your nearest clinic or book online at your convenience.

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