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Whether you train professionally, or you work out casually for your own benefit, it is essential to keep on top of your health and to alleviate problems when they arise. Thorough and dedicated sports doctors will work with you and your unique needs to provide a comprehensive plan for treatment and maintenance of good health.

With multi-disciplinary doctors working across a range of fields within sports medicine, your treatment will be undertaken with in-depth knowledge, drawn from modern medical research. As well as treating you, we provide the right conditions to alleviate problems in the future and to gain an advantage in your training.

Our sports medicine covers a wide range of fields

Alongside doctors, Pro Health Care have a team of physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists that are highly trained in the area of musculoskeletal diagnosis, management and rehabilitation. Your doctor will be able to co-ordinate all the necessary diagnostic testing pertinent to your injury and will be able to facilitate achieving an optimal outcome by communication with our team of health professionals to offer the most effective management plan for the condition.

As well as conducting a complete medical examination and collating your history, we’ll assess the problem at hand to determine possible courses for treatment that suit your existing lifestyle.
Our focus on multi-disciplinary medical support means no problem will be treated in isolation, and you’ll receive a professional level of support from each of our practitioners.

Our dedicated medical centres in Adelaide are here for you

We have dedicated medical clinics throughout Adelaide, ready to provide you with proper support for any of your needs, whether relating to sports or more general health concerns. With four purpose-built clinics, you’ll receive the greatest convenience when you choose to book your appointment with us.

Appointments with a Sports Doctor can be requested by clicking here, or by calling one of our clinics throughout the city. We will be more than happy to assist in booking an appointment that suits your needs.

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