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Diving Medical Assessments

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Doctors Providing Recreational Diving Medical Assessments in Adelaide

Recreational diving medical assessments are conducted to ensure individuals are physically and mentally fit to participate safely in recreational diving activities.

Recreational divers must complete a Recreational SCUBA Diving Medical before they can train or dive with official diving operators. This is conducted by accredited General Practitioners.

Dr Chiaw ‘Malcolm’ Lee, who consults from our Dover Gardens Clinic, is an accredited GP who is able to conduct recreational diving medical assessments. Occupational Diving Medical Assessments and Free Diving Medicals are currently not offered.

Diving medical assessments are essential for promoting safe diving practices, protecting your health, and ensuring that you can fully enjoy the experience without unnecessary risks. If you’re planning to engage in recreational or professional diving activities, it’s advisable to undergo a thorough medical assessment to assess your fitness for diving.

Our dedicated medical centres in Adelaide are here for you

We have a dedicated medical clinic in Dover Gardens, ready to provide you with proper support for your diving medical assessment.

Currently, we are offering Recreational Diving Medical Assessments to persons above 16 years of age. Patients will require two separate, face to face appointments (not available via Telehealth) in order to complete their diving medical assessment.

Appointments can be made by calling our Dover Gardens Medical Centre on (08) 8296 8314. We will be more than happy to assist in booking an appointment that suits your needs.

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