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Men’s Health Checks at Pro Medical SA

Regular Health Checks should form an important part of the way that we keep on top of our preventive health measures as well as keeping check of our health goals. At Pro Health Care, we have developed an ethos of prioritising the prevention of disease / illness amongst our practitioners and patients and part of this ethos is encouraging regular health checks with your doctor.

What is involved in a Men’s Health Check?

Our practitioners will engage in a Men’s Health Check that is specific to the individual needs, depending on any presenting concerns at the time of consultation and with specific screening tests that include the following:

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol levels
  • blood glucose
  • skin check
  • Immunisation Updates as appropriate

However, some of the Specific issues that impact most significantly on Men’s Health and which will also be carefully considered during the consultation include:

Mental Health

Males often struggle to communicate their feelings and can battle anxiety or depression in isolation. Patients are more likely to disclose these feelings in a consultation and a doctor can arrange to seek help or put in place a management plan specific for the situation.

Prostate & Testicular Cancer

‘The need to inform Australian men about prostate & testicular cancer is increasingly important. Each year almost 3300 Australian men die from prostate and/or testicular cancer and more than 21,000 new cases are diagnosed. With both cancers risk increasing among older men, the number of cases will continue to grow as Australia’s population ages. Screening tests are available and should be considered where there is a family history of Prostate or Testicular Cancer to ensure early detection and management.

Who should have a Men’s Health Check?

We recommend a men’s Health Check for all men over the age of 40. We particularly encourage a Men’s Health Check if there is a familial history of malignancy such as a parent, sibling or child that has suffered prostate / testicular / bowel cancer.

Pro Health Care supports Movember in Spring…

Every Spring, the doctors at Pro Medical SA undertake a Men’s Health Awareness campaign whereby a portion of every Men’s Health Check is donated to Movember. This is an initiative that we are very proud to be involved in as we look to improve early detection among a range of Male Health conditions.

How do I arrange an appointment?

At Pro Health Care we pride ourselves on taking the time to genuinely listen to our patient’s concerns and provide an opportunity to implement preventive health strategies. If you think you or a loved one may benefit from a Men’s Health Check, please take the time to call your nearest clinic or book online at your convenience.

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