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Vaccination protects us from a range of potential diseases that are foreign to Australia and therefore need to be carefully considered when travelling abroad. Unfortunately, there is no standard travel vaccination schedule and you need to consider recommended vaccines based on a number of factors such as age, pregnancy, vaccination history, pre-existing medical conditions, destination and seasonality.

If possible, try to be well prepared when travelling abroad and consult your doctor at least 6-12 weeks before departing. Some vaccinations require multiple doses and your body often requires a period of time to develop immunity post vaccination. It’s a timely opportunity to consider your broader immunisation status such as whether all childhood immunisations are up to date and whether or not a booster is required for some vaccinations.

Below are some of the more common diseases requiring vaccination prior to travel:

  • Cholera – acquired in contaminated drinking water, but is vaccination is not routinely required except for those travelling to third-world destinations, such as humanitarian workers.
  • Hepatitis A – this is a more common disease preventable through vaccination, that effects the liver and is spread through contaminated food and water in developing countries throughout India, Africa, Asia, South / Central America and the Middle East. Vaccination should be given at least 2-3 weeks prior to departure and requires a second booster within 6 months. Vaccination is expected to last up to 10 years.
  • Japanese Encephalitis – spread by mosquitos, this disease is preventable through vaccination and should be considered when travelling to rural / remote areas in Asia / Papua New Guinea.
    Tuberculosis (TB) – the vaccine for TB is more often recommended for children under the age of 5 who are travelling frequently.
  • Typhoid – this disease is also spread through contaminated food / water in developing countries. One shot should be administered at least 2 weeks prior to travel and requires a booster every 2 years.
  • Yellow Fever – this disease generally results in fever and yellowing of the skin as a result of jaundice from liver and kidney failure. Immunisation for yellow fever is a legal requirement for entry into some countries and certification can only be given by an authorised Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Your doctor will discuss your travel vaccination needs and requirements at your appointment. At times, a second appointment will need to be made depending on the type of vaccination required and available stock at your practice or you will be referred to a Travel Doctor. Call or book online to arrange your travel vaccinations today.

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