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Spirometry: Lung Test

Spirometry: Lung Test at Pro Medical SA in Adelaide

**Due to COVID19 Spriometry is temporarily unavailable at our Dover Gardens Clinic, restrictions apply at our other locations**

For your optimum state of health, it is important for your doctor to gain a thorough understanding of the way your whole body operates, in order to ascertain the best treatment plan for you. Through comprehensive testing, your doctor becomes well aware of how your body functions as a whole, to gain a holistic overview of various symptoms and causes.
When combined with a thorough medical history check and regular checkups, the spirometry lung test is an accurate way of determining your overall respiratory health, seeing you with a better chance of improving your quality of life. (Temporarily unavailable at our Dover Gardens Clinic)

How does the lung test work?

Spirometry is the most commonly performed lung functioning test. It measures how much and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs. For this test, you breathe into a mouthpiece attached to a recording device (spirometer). The information collected by the spirometer may be printed out on a chart called a spirogram.

What treatment options are available after the spirometry?

The Doctors at Pro Medical SA choose to refer patients to specialists that are highly skilled in conducting and interpreting the results of these tests. We liaise with other medical practitioners in the Adelaide area to ensure you receive an individual treatment that works with your needs.
A simple test, it allows us to determine possible courses of action that work with your lifestyle and with any coinciding health concerns.

Doctors demonstrate a high level of care

We work with the highest level of professionalism, dignity and honesty to give you a completely confidential medical service and treatment plan. We put your needs first, every time, to ensure you receive care that is tailored to your health, so you receive the care you deserve.
With four comprehensive medical centres throughout Adelaide, there is one near you. As well as lung tests, we also offer heart checks and dentistry, so you and your family can receive total care. Book your appointment by calling our reception, or by completing our online booking request. No matter where in the city you live, we are here with a friendly level of care.

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