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ECG: Heart Check

Electrocardiogram: Heart Check at Pro Medical in Adelaide, SA

ECG (electrocardiogram) is a test that measures the heart’s electrical activity. The heart is a muscular organ that beats in rhythm to pump the blood through the body. The signals that make the heart’s muscle fibers contract come from the senatorial node, which is the natural pacemaker.

In an ECG test, the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating are recorded and usually shown on a piece of paper. This is known as an electrocardiogram, and records any problems with the heart’s rhythm, and the conduction of the heart beat through the heart which may be affected by underlying heart disease.

Why should I get a heart check?

Maintaining good heart health is essential for your overall wellbeing, and for maintaining your quality of life as you age. At Pro Health Care, we provide all the diagnostic tools necessary to provide you peace of mind for your health. With an advanced health check, we have a greater chance of noticing harmful diseases before they take hold. A doctor will scan for symptoms of disease to give you the best possible chance for early recovery.

As well as this, we provide you plans for treatment, should we find any issues in your electrocardiogram results; you’ll be able to take control of your health and get a better lease on life.

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