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Childhood Sports Physiotherapy

Expert Treatment for Childhood Sporting Injuries

At Pro Physio SA, our team of Adelaide Sports Physiotherapists have particular expertise in sports injury management for a range of common child-hood and adolescent sporting injuries.

Advanced Biomechanical Assessment…

When treating children with sports injuries, it’s important that consideration be given to the biomechanical and structural anomalies that have contributed to the onset of symptoms in the first instance. Our physiotherapists take the time to assess a range of contributing factors for common adolescent conditions such as shin splints, patella tendinopathy, sever’s disease and osgood schlatters. In conjunction with managing the injury, we will be able to provide advice on corrective home exercises to facilitate recovery and avoid re-injury.

Improved Movement Efficiency…

Efficiency of movement relates to the ease with which children and athletes recruit certain muscles to accelerate quickly and smoothly. The more efficient the movement pattern of an athlete, the more speed and power they will generate. Efficient movement patterns rely on a stable group of core muscles from which the athlete can move. Children that appear to be slower or uncoordinated in their movement patterns may have a history of developmental delay or low muscle tone. There are a range of typical biomechanical screening tests that can quickly ascertain the various deficiencies in low-tone children so that an appropriate exercise program can be implemented to improve the core stabilisation system as well as enhance the peripheral recruitment patterns to vastly improve the child’s speed, agility and overall performance, as well as injury prevention. Children from the age of 5 through to 16 are most responsive to exercise prescription and changes to their movement patterns are often noted very quickly.

If your child is suffering from a sports injury, our team of Physiotherapists are at hand to provide expert advice on injury management as well as biomechanical enhancement to prevent recurrence. Call one of our clinics, or book online today!

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