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What is Specialist Physio?

Specialist Physiotherapy is the highest level of Clinical Physiotherapy Training in Australia, of which Harry Truong is one of only three Specialist Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapists in South Australia.

The pathway from graduate physiotherapist to specialist physiotherapist takes a minimum of six years and training occurs through the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

To be eligible to enter the College, physiotherapists must work for at least two years in advanced practice in their specialty area and complete a clinical Masters degree (or equivalent). In addition, they must participate in education, research and mentoring.

College registrars then undergo the two-year specialisation training program, culminating in rigorous oral and practical examinations that ensure only the most skilled clinicians hold the title of Specialist Physiotherapist.

Specialist Physio in Adelaide at Pro Physio SA

How does seeing a Specialist Physio work?

Harry Truong is a specialist musculo-skeletal physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2021).

At Pro Physio SA, we offer specialist physiotherapy review with Harry Truong for the purpose of second opinion consultations. These are offered for chronic, complex and important musculoskeletal health conditions that require a higher level of expertise. The review may work well for patients who have already received some physiotherapy treatment but are not recovering as expected. Specialist reviews are designed to work collaboratively with your current physiotherapist, general practitioner and medical specialist.

What to expect:

  • To be asked what you want
  • Clear explanation of your problem
  • List of factors contributing to your problem
  • A clear plan of what you can do
  • To receive care aligned with the latest knowledge and evidence

The provision of second opinion consultations is intended to help patients with the education of all possible management options that may help in formulating confident decisions regarding treatment options and management plans moving forward, particular in the instance that recovery has not been as expected.

How do I arrange a specialist physio review?

Specialist Review Consultations are currently available at our Beverley and Mitcham clinics. Appointments can be requested by calling and speaking with our receptionists, or via email;


Specialist Physio Consultations attract a higher consultation fee. These will be clarified at the time of arranging your consultation.

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