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Pro Podiatry SA

Pro Podiatry SA is an Adelaide based group of podiatrist services and orthotic dispensing practices. With an emphasis on communication and education, our Adelaide Podiatrists can help devise a management plan to help treat and resolve a range of complex foot and ankle conditions. Whether your issue has arisen because of general wear-and-tear, due to a sports-related problem or because of issues in childhood growth, we are able to provide treatment.

COVID-19 Action Plan

Pro Medical SA and our group of practitioners would like to reassure our patients that we will continue to provide important medical services throughout the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.

We have undertaken a number of social distancing and hygiene measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff, practitioners and patients. These include:

  • Strict hand hygiene measures are enforced
  • Only one person is to enter the room per consultation
  • All practitioners are using hospital grade dis-infectant to clean all surfaces before and after consultations
  • All patients are requested to wait in the their cars until called by their practitioner to enter the practice
  • Tele-health consultations will be performed for all patients so that our doctors can triage which patients need to come in for appointments and which patients can have their medical needs attended to remotely. Where possible, we will endeavour to keep the most vulnerable from entering the practice

A range of podiatry services throughout the city

Our Adelaide podiatrist team is highly skilled and extremely competent in all areas of care, with special interests in sports podiatry, injury management and rehabilitation. Working with the utmost care, dedication and professionalism, we aim to give you the best possible treatment.

If orthotics are considered necessary, we take pride in custom orthotic fabrication to the utmost precision for the specification of each individual patient. In materials that are designed to last, your orthotics will provide you with long-lasting support.

Working with both adults and children for a range of injuries and developmental concerns, our podiatrist services provide expertise through the entire treatment, to have you walking easily again sooner.

Our Adelaide Podiatry team also offer a high level of expertise in podiatry modalities, such as:

  • Foot and Gait Assessments
  • Diabetic Foot Assessments
  • Paediatric Foot Assessment and Care
  • Footwear Assessment and Advice
  • Toe Nail and Skin Management
  • Wart Treatment and Toe Nail Surgery, including for fungal nail conditions

Practice Locations in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

With clinics scattered throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, you’ll never struggle to find one in a convenient location for you.

Each purpose-built medical centre is dedicated to providing you service across a range of areas, including heart health, skin cancer checks and general practice.

Contact one of our clinics by calling the phone numbers above. We will assist you in booking an appointment at a time most convenient to you. With a range of services, you’ll be able to access the right treatment for you.

Lunula Laser Therapy is now available exclusively at Pro Podiatry SA for more effective treatment of fungal nail infections. Call today to enquire…8356 2299.

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