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Pro Health Care is a leading health care service provider that gives our patients access to the best Sports Physiotherapist’s in Adelaide as well as a variety of different healthcare services under one roof.

In conjunction with our physiotherapists, our practices include a network of medical professionals such as, general practitioners, dietitians, exercise physiologists, remedial massage therapists, and podiatrists who  can work collaboratively to assist you in achieving your sporting goals or injury rehabilitation.

Over the years, our Sports Physio’s have established a reputation of providing quality physiotherapy sessions for people with injuries or those that are looking to excel in their chosen sport.

Our qualified team will first carry out an in-depth physical exam to help us locate and treat any problems from the source. We’ll then take time to explain the type of injury you have and develop a personalised treatment plan that will get you back to full mobility and good health.

All our medical facilities have the required tools and equipment to rehabilitate your injury and get you back to full recovery. Our physio’s will use a combination of treatments throughout your sessions, recommend plans for self-treatment, provide hands-on support and collaborate with other general health practitioners to ensure that you receive holistic support.

Sports Physiotherapy at Pro Physio SA

What is Sports Physio?

Sports Physiotherapy is the practice of a more advanced form of assessment, diagnostic and treatment modalities for sports related injuries. It entails a thorough and evidence-based approach to patient management. This includes the identification of muscular impairments that act as a contributing factor to injuries.

Our Physio’s focus on the management of musculo-skeletal conditions by addressing these contributing factors as well as the pathology itself, in this way ensuring prevention of re-injury. Such modalities include Real-Time Ultrasound assessment, EMG studies, Video Analysis of technique and much more.

Apart from our comprehensive sports physiotherapy sessions, we also provide remedial massage for patients experiencing sports related injuries. We have trained and experienced therapists with the skills and expertise required to treat sporting injuries and rehabilitation.

Some of the remedial services you can receive from our experts include acupressure, cupping therapy, positional release and sports injury management.

How do I find a Sports Physiotherapist?

At Pro Physio SA, a number of our Adelaide Physiotherapists are trained Sports Physiotherapists. This means they have Post-Graduate Masters Qualifications and extensive experience in this field, practising at advanced levels of service provision and undertaking ongoing professional development in the area of Sports Physiotherapy. This ensures that we provide the highest level of patient care.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments with one of our sports physiotherapists can be requested by clicking here.

Meet Our Sports Physiotherapists

Our sports physiotherapists practice over 6 of our clinic locations. To book an appointment either call the practice below or click the practice to book online. You can learn more about our physiotherapists in depth below.


Alex Townsley

Alex is a Physio in Adelaide that holds an interest in Sports injuries and management of complex shoulder conditions.

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Alex is a Physiotherapist who has a keen interest in the assessment and management of all sporting injuries. In particular, hip, groin and knee injuries as well as lower limb muscle injuries including hamstring, quadriceps and calf injuries.

Currently, Alex works as a Physiotherapist at the Adelaide Crows Football Club working with their AFL and SANFL teams. His previous roles include working at the Adelaide United Football Club.

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from The University of South Australia in 2014 and is currently studying a Masters of Sports Medicine through Melbourne University.


Marco Mittiga

Marco is a Physiotherapist in Adelaide with an interest in Sports injuries and Orthopaedic/Post Surgical Rehabilitation.

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Marco Mittiga graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2014 and is currently studying a Masters in Sports Medicine.

He has worked as a physiotherapist in a variety of workplace settings including private practice, public hospital settings, and aged care facilities.

Marco has a keen interest in the assessment and management of sporting injuries in particular lower limb joint and muscle injuries. He is also experienced in managing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including neck, back and shoulder pain.

Marco has worked with various sporting teams across multiple codes of football including soccer in the National Premier League and AFL teams.


Jonathan Norodom

Jonathan is an Adelaide trained Physiotherapist with an interest in Sports and work related injuries.

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Jonathan Norodom graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of South Australia in 2019.

Jonathan holds an interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. This stems from his own active lifestyle and experience as a sports trainer for The Adelaide Uni Blacks Football Club. He is particularly interested in rehabilitation and management of sporting injuries for athletes at all levels through strength and conditioning and education.

Jonathan is passionate about promoting optimal life-long outcomes for his patients through encouraging self-management strategies and utilising hands on treatment. He also understands the importance of incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach and collaborating with other Allied Health Professionals.


Franco Chitti

Franco Chitti is a physiotherapist in Adelaide consulting from our Beverley and Kidman Park Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics.

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Franco Completed his physiotherapy degree with honours after undertaking extensive clinical placements which include the Stroke and Cardiac Rehabilitation unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Acute Care at the Lyell McEwin Hospital and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the Modbury Hospital.

Franco has a strong passion for treating and managing musculo-skeletal and sporting injuries. He has worked as head physiotherapist for a number of football clubs where he enjoys the challenge of managing rehabilitation programs to expedite a timely return to sport.

Outside of sport, Franco loves fishing, playing footy, tennis and following the Adelaide Crows.


Latham Byfield

Latham Byfield is an Adelaide trained physio consulting from our Hope Valley Physiotherapy clinic.

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Latham completed a Masters degree in Human Movement in 2013 before going on to complete his Physiotherapy degree.

Latham has worked as a sports scientist and high performance manager for the Adelaide United FC A-League, Youth League and W-League teams as well as the High Performance Manager for Croydon Kings FC in the National Premier League.

He has enjoyed numerous highlights throughout his career, most notable being his involvement in Adelaide United’s 2016 Championship year.

Latham enjoys applying his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports conditioning into the management of complex sports injuries as well as more complex musculo-skeletal conditions such as chronic lumbar and hip conditions.

Outside of work, Latham loves participating in all sports and exploring the SA wine regions.


John-Paul Chitti

John-Paul is a Titled APA Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Adelaide with an interest in Orthopaedic/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

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John-Paul Chitti graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from the University of South Australia in 2000. Following two years of working in a Medical Specialist Centre, he completed his Masters Degree in Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and established Pro Physio SA. John-Paul was physiotherapist for the Adelaide United Football Club for 3 years from 2006. Here he coordinated the club’s injury prevention, management and rehabilitation within a cohesive Medical Team that assisted the club in their successful Asian Champions League and A-League competition.

John-Paul has been a Clinical Educator at the University of South Australia in both the undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. He holds an interest in Sports Injuries, particularly of the Wrist/Hand, Shoulder, Hip/Groin and Spine. He also has a special interest in Orthopaedic/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.


Sam Townsley

Sam Townsley is an experienced titled Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, as awarded by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Sam works a limited number of hours at our Kidman Park site whilst also working as Head Physiotherapist of the Adelaide United Football club in the A-League.

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Sam graduated from UniSA with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2011, and continued his formal education at UniSA with a Masters in Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2014 and a grad. certificate in High-Performance Sport from Australian Catholic University in 2020.

Sam has previously worked as a first-team physiotherapist and rehabilitation coach at Crystal Palace FC in the English Premier League, Head Physiotherapist of Monaghan GAA (Gaelic Football) in Ireland, and Head Physiotherapist of Central Districts FC in the SANFL. He also has vast experience working in elite rehabilitation hospitals, including the Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) in Dublin, Ireland where he was head physiotherapist of the Knee and ACL rehabilitation stream. It is unsurprising that he has a keen interest in rehabilitation from all knee injuries, as well as athletic groin pain and acute muscle injuries.

Sam encourages self-management strategies and is a qualified strength and conditioning coach through the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). His vast range of experience in professional football codes and elite rehabilitation centres ensures you are in the best hands for all your rehabilitation needs.

Sports Physiotherapy with a Difference

Are you looking for a sports physiotherapist? Search no more. At Pro Health Care, we have a wide range of clinicians and facilities on offer that goes far beyond general physio services at each of our practices.

Sports physio involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries sustained during sports or recreational activities. The management of sports injuries involves an in-depth understanding of injuries and a physical demand of sports and athletes’ short and long term goals. Our practitioners understand and are up-to-date with these demands. As such, they can formulate a management plan to ensure athletes return to their sport at peak performance.

Contacting our Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

Our sports physiotherapy clinic’s are the first option for accurately assessing your sporting injury and safely returning you to sport fast. Whether you are an athlete or an everyday runner, our physios have the skills and experience to treat your injury. We go beyond treating the obvious. We listen to your concerns to ensure you receive the correct treatment that is geared towards providing long-term solutions.

Our practitioners pride themselves on being leaders in sports physiotherapy through an innovative and collaborative approach. Our team includes doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and remedial massage therapists. You can book an appointment online here.

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