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Find Your Local Physio in Adelaide at Pro Physio SA. Our highly experienced physiotherapists consult within 6 convenient, multi-disciplinary practices across Adelaide, making it easy to find a practice near you.

Pro Physio SA is a group of Adelaide Physio and Pilates Practices. We are  focused on providing the very best physiotherapy treatment, intervention and rehabilitation. Above all, our physio’s deliver quality, hands-on and exercise based care that is evidence based, proven and highly effective.

We offer a warm, holistic service so that our patients can feel comfortable in our care. We place your needs first in developing a custom treatment plan and working directly with you.

Whether you have acquired an injury due to sports or general activity, or have a pre-existing condition, we are able to help implement a tailored treatment plan that aims to restore you to optimum health and mobility.

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Our Physio Services To Get You Back On Track

Whether you are training at an elite level, are in your child-bearing year, have sustained an injury or have recently undergone surgery, our physio’s are here for you. We provide in-depth physical exams to treat the problem at its source.

We do this by using a combination of treatments within the clinic, and plans for your self-managed treatment at home, we will give you the tools for recovery. In addition, we provide hands-on support and manipulation of muscles, as well as dry needling, strengthening Pilates, gym programs and hydrotherapy recommendations. Working alongside your general health practitioners, we ensure you receive holistic support.

We are committed to consistent professional development to ensure that we deliver the latest techniques in evidence based management of sporting and musculoskeletal injuries. All of our physio’s have further post-graduate training covering areas of:

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Industrial Physiotherapy
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Physiotherapy

Same Day or Next Day Appointments

Pro Health Care is a network of family-owned and operated medical and allied health clinics which offers a variety of physical therapy services that we are able to tailor to suit you. We have high standards of health care and strive to provide this to all of our patients. Since our establishment in 2007, our clinics have focused on a holistic approach to managing health and our patient’s well-being.

We’re pleased to be able to offer our patients same day or next day appointments at most of our practice locations. To find an appointment time that suits you, jump over to our online booking platform here.

We have many experienced practitioners who specialise in various areas of physiotherapy from sports, rehabilitation, Women’s Health, pre and post natal, arthritis and a range of complex injury management including complex neurological and musculo-skeletal conditions. Therefore, if you are training at an elite level, in your child bearing year or recovering from chronic musculo-neurological conditions, you can trust our professionals to keep you operating at your full potential.

Some of the services you can expect from our facilities include gym sessions, hands-on support and manipulation, dry needling, strengthening, Pilates and hydrotherapy. During sessions, our physio’s also works with general practitioners and other members of our Allied Health team to ensure that you receive a holistic and collaborative approach to managing your health care.

We can help you rehabilitate your injuries. We treat the problem right from its root. So, when you visit us for our expert services, we will provide you with the best rehabilitation and maintenance program for your needs after an in-depth physical exam.

Experienced Team Of Practitioners in Adelaide

Pro Health Care is a leading health care service provider in Adelaide that provides patients with the highest quality physical therapy care. We believe that all patients should have access to quality health care. Therefore, you are guaranteed a variety of different healthcare services under one roof.

We have a network of qualified medical specialists, including psychologists, dentists, general practitioners, dietitians, podiatrists and physiotherapists, who will deliver all these services at the highest standard.

Our qualified team will first carry out an in-depth physical exam to help us locate and treat the problem from its source. We’ll then take time to explain the type of injury you have and develop a personalised treatment plan that will get you back to full mobility and good health.

All of our medical facilities have the required tools and equipment to rehabilitate your injury and get you back to full recovery. Our physio’s will use a combination of treatments throughout the sessions, recommend plans for self-treatment, provide hands-on support and collaborate with other general health practitioners to ensure that you receive holistic support.

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