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Pro Nutrition SA

Pro Nutrition SA is a group of Adelaide based dietetic practices. We aim to provide optimal patient care with an emphasis on dietary advice & education by providing tailored recommendations that are specific to each patient’s needs.

Each of our dietician services works with your lifestyle to give you a solution that works for you. Whether you lead an active or sedentary life, or you have dietary concerns such as coeliac disease or vegetarianism, we are able to tailor our comprehensive plans for you. With robust plans that balance your precise nutritional needs, we work to counteract any dietary deficiencies and raise your nutrition profile. Each plan works with your lifestyle, no matter how active, to provide long-lasting support.

COVID-19 Action Plan

Pro Medical SA and our group of practitioners would like to reassure our patients that we will continue to provide important medical services throughout the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.

We have undertaken a number of social distancing and hygiene measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff, practitioners and patients. These include:

  • Strict hand hygiene measures are enforced
  • Only one person is to enter the room per consultation
  • All practitioners are using hospital grade dis-infectant to clean all surfaces before and after consultations
  • All patients are requested to wait in the their cars until called by their practitioner to enter the practice
  • Tele-health consultations will be performed for all patients so that our doctors can triage which patients need to come in for appointments and which patients can have their medical needs attended to remotely. Where possible, we will endeavour to keep the most vulnerable from entering the practice

Our nutritionists assist with a wide range of areas

With nutritionist and dietician treatments based on the latest medical guidelines, our accredited dietitians are extremely competent in all areas of dietary management and general nutrition, including:

  • Weight Loss Advice
  • Gaining Weight
  • Dietary Counselling
  • Nutrition for Children
  • Complex Chronic Conditions such as:
    • Diabetes
    • Coeliac Disease
    • Chrohn’s Disease

Whether you are after general advice or treatment of a chronic condition, our nutritionists and dieticians are able to take steps to set your improved health in motion. With sustainable plans for nutrition management, we support healthy mindsets when it comes to overall wellbeing.

Our practice locations for dietitian treatment

With a dedicated network of six clinics throughout the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills area, we can provide you with convenient treatment at a time that suits your needs. Each of our clinics is entirely purpose-built, designed to house a wide range of medical services in the one place; as such, you’ll receive treatment for any conditions, including for sports injuries, diabetes and physiotherapy.

Contact the nutritionists at Pro Healthcare…General Medical Clinics in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills

Contact any of our above locations to enquire about scheduling an appointment at a time that suits you, whether for dietary support or another health service in our clinic, such as dentistry. Our dieticians work with utmost professionalism and privacy to discuss your individual case.
Appointments with our Dietitians can be requested on-line… Book Here

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