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The Pro Medical SA group is a network of healthcare practices located throughout the city that provide high standards of patient care using cutting edge equipment and technology. From preventative medicine to counselling, our Adelaide family GP services are offered with the aim of providing you with everything you need to lead a happy and healthy life.


Pro Physio SA is a group of Adelaide Physio and Pilates Practices that are focused on providing the very best physiotherapy treatment, intervention and rehabilitation. Whether you have acquired an injury due to sports or general activity, or you have a pre-existing condition, we are able to help implement a tailored treatment plan that aims to restore you to optimum health and mobility.


Pro Podiatry SA is an Adelaide based group of podiatrist services and orthotic dispensing practices. With an emphasis on communication and education, our Adelaide Podiatrists can help devise a management plan to help treat and resolve a range of complex foot and ankle conditions. Whether your issue has arisen because of general wear-and-tear, due to a sports-related problem or because of issues in childhood growth, we are able to provide treatment.


Caring for your teeth and gums is an extremely important part of sustaining general health and wellbeing. At Pro Dental SA, we place an emphasis on preventative care and maintenance of your dental health to avoid any possible issues before they occur. Based in Adelaide, our family dentist services are focused on providing treatment of the highest standard in a relaxed environment suitable for patients of all ages.


The incredibly busy lifestyles we live these days coupled with workplaces that revolve around sitting at a desk for hours on end can lead to various pains and issues around the body, as well as much higher levels of stress to meet deadlines and more.

Pro Remedial SA is a group of Adelaide Remedial and Sports Massage Practices that focus on assisting patients in all aspects of Remedial, Sports and Therapeutic Massage with trained and experienced therapists.


Pro Exercise SA is a group of Adelaide based Exercise Physiology Practices that focus on prevention and treatment of injury and chronic illness through structured exercise participation.

Pro Exercise SA specialises in clinical exercise interventions for individuals with existing, or at high risk of developing chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries.


Come to the trusted professionals that offer comprehensive services in a relaxed and confidential environment. Pro Psychology SA is a group of Adelaide Psychology Practices that prides itself on a commitment to professional quality care to achieve the best possible outcomes and goals for individuals, couples and families.


One of the greatest movements in recent history has been the shift towards living a healthier lifestyle. In addition to healthier eating habits, more and more people are taking up exercise in one form or another, and if you’ve been searching for a gym and/or Pilates studio in Adelaide that offers classes and training overseen by experienced personnel, you’re in the right place!


Pro Nutrition SA is a group of Adelaide based dietetic practices. We aim to provide optimal patient care with an emphasis on dietary advice & education by providing tailored recommendations that are specific to each patient’s needs.

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