Physio Near Me

Physio Near Me

About Us – Physio Near Me

Pro Health Care is a network of family-owned and operated clinics which offers that ”physio near me” that you’ve been searching for. We have high standards of health care and strive to provide this to all of our patients. Since our establishment in 2007, our clinics have focussed on a holistic approach to managing health and our patient’s wellbeing.

Besides this, we also aim to provide personalised care for all our patients. We have a network of medical specialists around Adelaide, that you can access throughout our multidisciplinary medical centres. They are ready to assist you and provide a solution or treatment plan to lead to a happy and healthy life.

Visit any of our convenient medical centres today or book a telehealth consultation via our online booking form. Our friendly and professional staff are ready to provide you with the best level of healthcare services suitable for your whole family.

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Our “Physio Near Me” Services

For over 35 years, clients trust our ”physio near me” services because our team of physiotherapists have the required qualifications to handle any injury or pre-existing condition you may have. Our senior team have postgraduate qualifications; they also tutor and mentor upcoming specialists at the University of South Australia.

Each of our practitioners specialise in sports, rehabilitation and complex injuries. Therefore, if you are training at an elite level, you can trust our professionals to keep you operating at your full potential. Note that all practitioner owned and operated multidisciplinary centres have the required equipment and tools that you need for recovery.

Some of the services you can expect from our facilities include gym sessions, hands-on support and manipulation, dry needling, strengthening, Pilates and hydrotherapy. During sessions, our physio also works with general practitioners and other members of our team to ensure that you receive a holistic and collaborative approach to managing your health care.

Physio Near Me
Physio Near Me

How Our Physio Helps You During Injury – Physio Near Me

If you love anything to do with exercising, you are more prone to injuries, in which case your “physio near me” can help you rehabilitate that injury. We treat the problem right from its root. So, when you visit us for our expert services, we will provide you with the best rehabilitation and maintenance program for your needs after an in-depth physical exam.

For those patients that love to complement their physio with remedial massage, you are free to book a session with our therapist. During sessions, our experts will use a combination of treatments and tools that you can use for self-treatment when you are at home.

Some of the injuries that we can treat include wry neck, hamstring injuries, calf injuries, Achilles Tendinopathy, ACL injuries, neck pain, osteitis pubis, shin splints, lower back pain, impingement, headaches, among other injuries.

Call Pro Health Care today to book an appointment with your experienced physio near me.

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