New Dental Technology, Now at Pro Dental SA

Pro Dental SA are excited to announce that new dental technology has been installed within the practice to provide a higher level of patient oral care.

Intra-oral Camera: A highly sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment, that allows the patient to view what the dentist views within their mouth, on an overhead monitor.  This enables the dentist to show and explain in more detail exactly what needs to be done to resolve any dental problems, such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings and excessive wear.

The intra-oral camera hand-piece has a built-in light source, and tiny video camera with 25 times magnification, allowing you to be an active participant in your dental treatment, so you can make informed treatment decisions with confidence.

TV screens with headphones: Pro Dental understands that many patients find the sound of the dental drill the most disturbing aspect of dental treatment.  TV screens with headphones allow you to completely relax and watch your favourite TV show or movie while having your dental treatment without listening to that noisy and scary drill!

If due for a check-up and clean, feel free to book in and have a look at the new technology. You can take advantage of our No Gap Preventative Dental Consult for all New Patients!

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