winter foot care

Winter Foot Care

As the colder weather comes around we tend to forget about our feet when they are covered up with warm socks and shoes. Here are some tips from the team at Pro Podiatry SA to make sure your feet remain healthy over the colder months.

Tip #1 Choose Your Socks Wisely

Socks which are made from a natural fibre are a better choice to keep your feet fresh. 100% cotton or wool socks absorb moisture instead of your feet getting hot and sweaty.

Tip #2 Footwear That Fits

When wearing enclosed shoes during
winter we tend to go with a thicker sock which means your feet can be tight for space. When shopping for new winter shoes take along socks which you would usually pair the shoe with.

Tip #3 No Nail Polish

During warmer months we all like to paint our toe nails when they are on display.
Over a long period of wearing nail polish the nail can become discoloured. The cooler months is a good chance to allow the nail bed to breath and reduce any discolouration which has occurred.

Tip #4 Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

No one likes wet feet in winter, but bacteria and fungus do. To avoid bacteria or fungal infections, keep your feet dry as possible. If they get wet whilst you are out or after exercise, wash and dry them thoroughly as soon as possible.

Tip #5 Avoid In-growing Toe Nails

Nails that have been fine throughout the summer as we wear open toe shoes can become a problem with the pressure of tighter, snug winter footwear. If you notice pain associated with an ingrown nail, come in for a consult it could be an easy fix before it is a problem or becomes infected.

Pro Podiatry SA – Mia Zoanetti, Podiatrist

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