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Michael Furmaniak

Michael is an Adelaide Podiatrist with additional training in Human Movement and Exercise Physiology.

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Michael Furmaniak graduated initially from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Applied Science: Human Movement in 2004 with final year subjects including Applied Exercise Physiology, Physical Rehabilitation, and Sport and Skill analysis. Deciding he wanted to further his tertiary experience and after suffering foot problems due to his sporting involvement in the past he entered into the Bachelor of Podiatry which was completed in 2008, again at the University of South Australia. Thriving in biomechanics he was the recipient of the JR Pickering Prize in Appliances for the highest score in Applied Podiatric Biomechanics over the final year of study.

In Late 2008 Michael immediately began working in a prominent well-established private Podiatry practice that incorporated all aspects of podiatric treatment and patient care. Thriving in the environment he continued working for the following year before much to his delight he was invited to join the Pro Health team as the Podiatrist for the Pro Podiatry department. Michael has also been involved with the University of South Australia lecturing short courses for Introduction to Exercise Physiology and from August 2011 has become a member of staff for the University as a Clinical tutor in Applied Podiatric Biomechanics – working with the students every Wednesday.

Michael was involved in District Basketball at the highest level for more than 10 years and played Amateur Football for four years as well as having over 8 years gym training experience. Due to this experience he has a high interest in all forms of sports podiatry including lower limb biomechanics and orthotic therapy, he also has considerable experience in all other areas of Podiatry including injury rehabilitation, footwear advise, routine care, diabetes assessments, wound care, wart treatments, paediatrics and nail problems/surgery.


Craig Pitt

Craig is an Adelaide trained Podiatrist consulting from our Kidman Park Podiatry Clinic with experience in sports, biomechanics and high risk foot care.

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Craig graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatry in 2014. He has completed further training in acupuncture, dry needling and tendinopathy rehabilitation. Craig is accredited in foot and ankle mobilisation and has developed a particular interest in high risk foot wound care which is an area of speciality that he developed whilst working at the Flinders Medical Centre. Craig is the podiatrist for the Sturt Football Club and Glenelg Football Club and has a keen interest in sports related issues, biomechanics, paediatrics and general foot and nail care.


Matt Giardini

Matt is an Adelaide based Podiatrist consulting from Kidman Park specialising in Sports and Musculoskeletal Podiatry.

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Matt Giardini acquired a Bachelor of Podiatry with the University of South Australia. He has undertaken professional experience with various Podiatrists specialising in Sports and Musculoskeletal Podiatry in Adelaide. He has also had exposure to Podiatric rural health in country South Australia. During his studies, he was awarded the University Merit Award for Division of Health Sciences (2017 & 2019) and the Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation List (2018). He was also awarded The T. G. Mitchel Prize for the highest academic performance in Bachelor of Podiatry for his cohort.

Matthew’s all rounded exposure to the Podiatry profession has seeded his interest in General Private Practice life. Matthew strives to achieve patient outcomes whether through routine podiatric care or more challenging musculoskeletal consults.

Matthew is very outdoors orientated and takes part in hiking, camping and exploring in his free time.


Mia Zoanetti

Mia Zoanetti is an Adelaide Podiatrist consulting from our Kidman Park Podiatry Clinic with interests in biomechanics, injury rehab, orthotics and general skin and nail conditions.

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Mia graduated with a Bachelor of Human Movement in Health Science in 2014, to then follow on and complete a Bachelors of Podiatry from The University of South Australia in 2019.

She has a strong focus on patient centred care, with a passion in educating and empowering patients to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Mia is passionate about all things podiatry but takes a big interest in biomechanics, injury rehab, orthotics and general skin and nail conditions. She has also spent time as a Podiatrist in high risk foot care within metropolitan hospitals of South Australia having a focus on prosthetic rehabilitation.

When Mia is not busy looking after people’s feet you will find her out running or at the beach when the weather is warm.


Our Podiatry Clinic in Kidman Park is located at 380 Grange Road, Kidman Park. The practice is part of a purpose built medical facility with innovative architectural design to provide state of the art facilities for the delivery of high quality podiatric care to our patients. Our Kidman Park Podiatry practice is a 6-Day Medical Centre that is open on Saturday’s until 12:00pm with same day appointment availability and a convenient on-line booking system. Call today on 8356 2299 and one of our friendly receptionists will be able to help in answering any health related queries you may have, or otherwise you can book on-line at any time using our online booking system.
Opening Hours are:
Monday – Friday 8.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Saturday 8.00 AM – 12.00 PM

Available Services

Our Kidman Park Podiatrists provide the following services:

  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Ingrown Nail Surgery
  • Routine Nail Care
  • Lunula Laser for Fungal Nail Treatment
  • Diabetes Foot Care
  • Orthotics
  • Sports Injury Management
  • Footwear Advice
  • Paediatric Assessment & Care
  • Wart Treatment

Where to Find Us

Our practice is located at 380 Grange Road, Kidman Park. We have plenty of parking on-site as well as a shared parking arrangement with the neighbouring church. Our Podiatry Clinic proudly services the following nearby suburbs:

  • Kidman Park
  • Grange
  • Fulham
  • Findon
  • Seaton
  • Lockleys
  • Henley Beach
  • Flinders Park
  • Underdale
  • Beverley
  • Woodville

Experienced Podiatrists for the Kidman Park Area

Support one of the hardest working parts of your body. Pro Podiatry SA offers a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative and routine treatments for people across the Western Suburbs of Adelaide, helping everyone take better care of their feet and ankles. Get the support and advice you need from our experienced staff.

Located in Kidman Park, our podiatry clinic services a broad range of people across the surrounding area, reaching patients in:

  • Lockleys
  • Findon
  • Fulham
  • Henley
  • Grange
  • Seaton

Led by a highly qualified team of podiatrists bringing years of experience to each consultation, our clinic supports the health of a diverse range of people of all ages and lifestyles. From providing specialised foot care to diabetes patients to fitting orthotics and managing sports injuries, our podiatrists deliver an extensive selection of services, provided with a view to allowing each patient to lead the lifestyle they want as best they can.

Start a conversation with the team at Pro Podiatry SA and ensure you’re giving your body the support it needs to accomplish everything you need from it. Book online through our website or call us on 8356 2299 to make a same day appointment.

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