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Medication related hospital admission is a significant burden on Australia’s healthcare system, costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars per year. A substantial proportion of these medication related hospital admissions are preventable through better medication management. A home medicines review (HMR) is an interview that occurs between an accredited pharmacist and a patient within the patient’s home. The interview focuses on the drug/medication therapy for the patient and the aim is to maximise the potential benefits of the medications and minimise adverse effects. Other aims of a HMR include increasing patient knowledge of medications and identifying any potentially unnecessary medications. A HMR will often involve general health and medication education to help patients improve their overall quality of life and benefits from their medications. Every HMR involves an initial consultation between the patient and their GP, followed by a referral to an accredited pharmacist who will then see the patient in their own home. Shortly after the interview, the accredited pharmacist will send a report to the patient’s GP in time for a follow up appointment between the patient and the GP to discuss the findings of the HMR.

To arrange an HMR for yourself or a loved one, please enquire with one of our receptionists who will arrange an initial discussion with your treating GP.

Fabian Bucco, Pharmacist

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