Time to unclutter your mind?

Spring is in the air. Optimism is buzzing. We wash the windows, do our spring cleaning and unclutter the house and the beds from all the warm winter woollies. We may even rush back to the gym to get rid of that extra winter fat. This may be a good time to unclutter the mind too – to drive out those cobwebs and get rid of feeling blue or stressed or whatever emotion it is we don’t want. And this may be much easier than you think it is. There is a burst of new research and understanding of how the brain works and how we can change those nasty patterns or loops that keep the brain stuck in self-sabotaging behaviour. This new research results in better therapies working faster and that are more lasting in dealing with our issues.

One of the big fears about psychological therapy is the fear of having to “tell your story”, drag up the past, exposing your inner self. Not true! With the latest therapies you don’t have to do these things to get results. You only need to know what the goals are that you want to achieve for yourself and then you will be taught strategies to release the emotions that stop you from achieving those goals. There are amazing little techniques to help people overcome the fear of flying, phobias for spiders and snakes, anxiety, unwanted thoughts and images relating to trauma and other issues.

Cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, found that the rut we are is in not our fault – it is the environment; the things that happened to us, that can keep us stuck. The old principle of “garbage in, garbage out” still counts. The mind is our biggest environment – fill it with toxic events, behaviours and messages and that is what you will get. This can lead to underlying core beliefs like “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t count”, “I don’t deserve”, “people can treat me like dirt”, etc. While dealing with those events form an empowered self helps to release those old stress emotions, frees up the mind and sets you on the path to create the future you want. Hypnosis is one quick way to achieve this effortlessly.

Just like your car needs to be oiled and serviced from time to time, so does the mind. This can be done by practising yoga, Tai Chi and other relaxing practices, meditate and exercise regularly, following healthy eating patterns, listening to good music, attend uplifting events, have hobbies and above all – have fun! When the Dalai Lama was asked how we can lower the suicide rate in Australia, he thought for a second, chuckled and said – “Have more fun!’.

So, this Spring – “Have more fun!”.

Martha Landman, Psychologist

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