New Runners – Take it Easy and Prepare Well!

Many amateur runners at this time of the year fall into the trap of commencing a program that is not particularly suited to their exercise level and fitness. Pain and injury can then occur as a result of not preparing correctly. Areas that are common causes of pain due to sudden chronic overload include: Achilles Tendon, Plantar Fascia (Bottom of the Foot), Calves, Shins, Patella (Knee caps),Outside of the thigh and Hip/Groin. There are various ways that you can better prepare if you are thinking of commencing an exercise program. For example:

Shoes – choose appropriate running shoes that have adequate medial arch support and a good heelcounter

Hydration – make sure that you stay hydrated before and after your runs to prevent dehydration and cramps

Stretching – dynamic stretching prior to runs and static stretching after your runs will prevent muscle


Graded program – your program needs to be slowly graded according to your fi tness level and not be progressed too rapidly

Slopes – avoid uphill and downhill running until you are at an adequate level.

If you are thinking of commencing a running program for the first time, or if you are having problems with your current running program, then book in to see one of our Sports Physiotherapists for guidance. They can help in providing a safe, graded running program and correct any biomechanical faults that may predispose you to certain running injuries.

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