Women’s Health Awareness Campaign

Adelaide’s Pro Health Care clinics are focusing on women’s health during May.

All five clinics are part of a female health awareness campaign whereby a portion of the cost of every women’s health check is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The awareness campaign include cervical screening tests, breast checks, appropriate immunisation updates and general health checks involving blood pressure, weight and blood tests. Other important issues, such as contraception, family planning and menopausal changes, will be discussed by Pro Health Care doctors.

Dr Deb Markopoulos, Registrar Supervisor at Pro Health Care Norwood, explains the importance of the health awareness campaign.

“It’s all about taking control of your heath, and learning what you can do to achieve a healthier life at any age,” she says.

Dr Markopoulos has worked in both urban and rural settings and has experience in women’s health, paediatric and adolescent health, mental health, chronic disease management and preventative medicine.

Pro Health Care doctors place an emphasis on the prevention of disease and early detection. A key part of this is regular and thorough health checks to identify and address any issues or concerns. It also is an opportunity to discuss and develop important preventive health strategies.

Pro Health Care doctors are setting aside a longer consultation period to discuss all women’s health issues. It is recommended that there be at least two consultations so that the results of tests can be discussed and an appropriate course of action decided on.

The campaign is targeted at all women over the age of 25, especially if sexually active. Pro Health Care doctors particularly encourage a women’s health check if there is a familial history of malignancy such as a parent, sibling or child that has suffered breast, cervical, ovarian or vaginal cancer.

Pro Health Care is proud to be donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which is working to improve breast cancer survival rates through early detection.

To arrange a women’s health check, simply contact your nearest Pro Health Care clinic at Kidman Park, Hope Valley, Torrens Park, Norwood and Stirling or Book Online Today!

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