Summer Feet Care

Summer Ready Feet

How to care for your feet this Summer:

Going into Summer we all look forward to long walks on the beach and time by the pool. But these locations can sometimes be a source of trouble for our feet. Hear from podiatrist, Renee Van Der Hoek for some Summer Feet Care tips.

After a visit to the beach, wash the sand from your feet and between toes to reduce abrasion and blistering. Make sure to apply first aid when there is a break in the skin’s barrier (cut, graze, blister). When visiting the pool, wear flip flops in the shower to protect your feet from tinea. You increase your risk of infection when walking barefoot in shared spaces such as pool side or the bathrooms. Tinea pedis is an invisible fungal infection. It can present as itchiness between toes, blistering or red spots on our feet, and unfortunately can be difficult to track! Washing your feet thoroughly and drying between the toes will reduce your chances of picking up tinea. One of our podiatrists can quickly assess any symptoms during your appointment. They will be able to point you to the right anti-fungal creams and sprays for you.

If you’re someone who rarely finds themselves barefoot (even in Summer), finding a supportive sandal can be your answer to hot feet! Look for adjustable straps, soft materials and limited seams around our toes to reduce friction. You can also pick up a pair of the amazing Archies Arch Support Thongs found in our clinics They have a built in arch support and are perfect for those with orthoses or looking to support their arch in Summer. They’re made from 1 piece of material; reducing blow outs at the forefoot! Have a look at our range when you’re next in.

If you’re in need of Summer feet care this season, appointments with our Podiatrists can be requested by calling your local clinic today or you can book online.

Pro Podiatry SA  Renee Van Der Hoek, Podiatrist

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