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Unsupervised Pilates

Unsupervised Pilates at Pro Studio SA

Pilates is a specific form of rehabilitation for the spine that utilises state of the art equipment. It is excellent as a treatment for most people with acute or chronic back pain of all age groups including pregnant women, athletes, post-operative patients and much more. The facilities at Pro Studio SA are exclusively available to our patients that require specialised rehabilitation. For this reason, you will require an initial consultation with one of our Physiotherapists prior to commencing Pilates. The physiotherapist will generally recommend a course of one on one Pilates sessions before commencing Group Classes and / or Unsupervised Sessions.

Patients are able to utilise the Studio on Monday to Friday, 8am – 7pm and Saturday, 8am – 12pm to perform their Pilates / Rehabilitation program, provided the Physiotherapist deems it appropriate. There are a range of Passes and Memberships available to make this cost-effective. Please forward enquiries to our friendly Reception staff.

Appointments with our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologist can be requested by clicking here.

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