New Orthotic Manufacturing Machine

Here at Pro Podiatry SA we are continually striving to remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology in order to treat all of your foot problems with the greatest accuracy, enabling us to provide treatment programs to get you back on your feet quicker.

Pro Podiatry SA are excited to begin using the Delcam 3D foot scanning system for all your Orthotic needs. Moving away from the messy plaster casting of old we now use a quick and easy laser scanner to take a 3D image of the foot, of which an orthotic is designed to suit every individual case.

The orthotic is then manufactured in house at Pro Podiatry SA, with 0.1mm accuracy and can be made available the very next day if required. This means quicker recovery times and reduction in pain for our patients.

Also available is the Lunula Laser therapy for clear and healthy nails. Book your appointment today to get your feet looking and feeling their best.

Michael Furmaniak, Podiatrist

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