Contraception and IUD’s

Intrauterine Devices include the progesterone IUD and Copper IUDs (Multiload and Copper T). The Progesterone IUD does not contain oestrogen and therefore can be used in women who are not able to use, or experience side effects from oestrogen contraceptives, which includes the contraceptive pill. The Progesterone IUD is also a first-line therapy for heavy menstrual bleeding, can be fitted for women who have never been pregnant, and can be used as part of hormone replacement therapy during menopause. The strings of the intrauterine device usually curl up behind the cervix and are not felt during intercourse. Most women have no periods, light periods or light vaginal spotting with it.  Copper IUDs are also used for contraception and contain no hormones at all.  The devices are inserted through the cervix into the uterus in a simple procedure in our treatment room, though some women may need to have it inserted by a specialist.

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