Home Medication Reviews

Home Medication Management Reviews are available to all Pro Health Care Clinics as part of an integrative measure to manage your health care between your GP and a Community Pharmacist.

A Home Medication Management Review (HMMR) is when, on recommendation from your GP, a pharmacist will phone patients to enquire as to whether you would like a “Home Medication Review” which allows the pharmacist to visit you at home to discuss the medications you are taking.  Following this, an in-depth assessment and report is given to your doctor to support them in providing you with the best possible care.  The consultant Pharmacist  is specially trained in Medication Management and works with you and your doctor to achieve the best possible outcome regarding the medication you have been prescribed.  The pharmacist has a strong understanding of how to achieve the maximum benefits from medicines, while minimising their potential negative effects.

There are many reasons as to when you may benefit from a Home Medication Management Review, such as:

  • If you are concerned regarding the medication you are taking which may be causing unwanted side-effects or them not working as well as intended
  • To explore better options
  • If you have recently come out of hospital
  • If you have had a recent change in medication
  • If you are taking a large number of medicines
  • Attending a number of different doctors and specialists
  • Wanting to assess if any medicines can be eliminated
  • Concerned about how your body is being affected by medication eg Liver and Kidney

Pro Health Care strongly believes in medicines only being used as an aid to help someone live well, longer.

If you or someone you know would like a Home Medicine Review, speak with your GP at Pro Health Care.


Andro Joseph, Pharmacist
Pro Heath Care Stirling & Mitcham

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