Wart Treatment

A plantar wart is most often a harmless skin growth. The only way warts can cause harm is if they are painful to walk on.

A virus that manifests in the top layer of our skin, warts can cause skin cells to grow quickly and build into a hard lump protruding out of the skin, or pushing down into the tissues underlying.

Warts are self-limiting meaning they will usually self-regress within a couple years, but in cases where pain is occurring there are many simple treatment options available.

At Pro Podiatry SA, we use a triple therapy of debridement, freezing and ointment to treat warts. This is conducted on a weekly basis until the warts are gone.

Warts are quite easily transferred through water, so be sure to take care around public swimming pools and other areas where you may be at risk of contracting warts. If you do find yourself wanting to rid yourself of troublesome warts, come and see us at Pro Podiatry SA where our experienced podiatrists will provide you with the care that you need.

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