Knee Pain

Have you considered your knee pain may be starting from the feet?

Knee pain can occur as a sudden onset or develop over a long period of time. Our Podiatrist often sees chronic/overuse knee injuries where the pain has developed gradually over several weeks or months. The type of pain that may be experienced can include stiffness, aches in or around our knee cap, sharp pain or simply discomfort during or after activity.

There are several contributing factors that podiatrist can identify which can cause discomfort to the knee such as:

  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Abnormal biomechanics and/or foot posture
  • Muscle weakness/imbalances
  • Inappropriate training programs and surfaces.

It is often one or more of these factors above contribute to chronic knee injuries, therefore why we always investigate symptoms beyond the feet.

At Pro Podiatry SA our team can easily assess and diagnose discomfort at the knee(s) as we look into how you biomechanically function when walking, running or even in specific actions such as jumping. Our team can customise orthotics to assist in improving biomechanical factors that may have contributed to the onset of your symptoms. We are also equipped to extend our treatment beyond orthotics and include other services such as dry needling, footwear changes, load management, strengthening of any muscle weaknesses, stretching and shockwave therapy. Beyond podiatry care, we also work in conjunction with the physiotherapist when required to ensure any other contributing causes are included in your treatment plan.

If you have any concerns about knee pain our Pro Podiatry SA team are here to biomechanically assess and assist you in moving pain-free. Please give us a call at Pro Podiatry SA or jump online to book an appointment at a clinic closest to you.

Mia Zoanetti, Podiatrist

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