Asthma & COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19 it has become more important for asthma sufferers to be vigilant about the management of their condition.  There is no specific data yet to suggest that people with asthma are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. Nor is there any evidence to suggest that people with asthma have a higher risk of experiencing serious illness if they get it.

To optimise the management of your asthma please consider the following:

  • Take preventer medicine as prescribed
  • If you are unsure of your preventer & reliever device technique have it checked by a medical professional
  • Ensure your asthma plan is up to date
  • Maintain good health and wellbeing
  • Always carry your reliever puffer with you
  • Be aware of your asthma symptoms & triggers
  • Manage allergies especially hay fever during Spring, this may include additional medications
  • Make sure your family, friends and work colleagues are aware of your asthma diagnosis and know how to provide asthma first aid

Please make an appointment with your Pro Health Care GP if you are concerned about any of the above issues, you may be referred to a respiratory specialist if further investigation is required.

This information obtained from Asthma Australia, for more details go to

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