Stop The SA Tax Grab

The government’s latest tax grab means GP clinics will need to raise fees, and some will close. 

What’s this all about? 

The state government is squeezing more tax from general practices in the form of payroll tax. Most clinics run on very thin margins and will need to pass on the costs to patients.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will need to pay more to see a GP.
  • It will be even harder to find a bulk billing GP.
  • GP practices will close if they can’t afford the extra tax bill – some have received extra tax bills of up to $800,000!
  • It will be harder to get the healthcare you need.

How can you help?

Sign our petition and tell the government to stop the tax grab and keep GP care affordable. 

General practice care isn’t only important when you’re sick. It’s what keeps people healthy and out of hospital. It needs to be affordable for everyone.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) represents more than 46,000 members, mostly general practitioners (GPs) working in or towards a career in general practice.

The RACGP has been advocating to all levels of government to stop payroll tax, but it is falling on deaf ears.

But you can help!

What is this new tax grab?

It’s a new application of payroll tax, which for the first time deems GPs working under independent agreements to be employees.

General practices already pay payroll tax on their employees, including receptionists, GPs in training and nurses. But it has never applied to GPs before, because most doctors are not employees, they work under independent agreements.

This will result in a minimum increase of $10-$15 to see a General Practitioner in South Australia. Other States including Queensland and Western Australia have ensured this doesn’t happen. Other consequences for South Australia will include closure of clinics; loss of doctors to more GP-friendly states; further burden on Emergency Departments and increased ramping.

By signing this petition you will show your support to a fairer, stronger and more affordable health care system.

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