Skin Cancer Awareness Checks at Pro Health Care

February and March are Skin Cancer Awareness months at Pro Health Care. If you book in for a thorough Skin Cancer Check at any of our Pro Health Care centres in the months of February or March, we will donate a portion of each consultation to the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

Established in 2009, the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation (AMRF) is a not-for-profit organisation with the purpose of funding research into a cure for melanoma and providing education and awareness of its risks. The AMRF also provides a Melanoma Support Nurse Service to anybody affected by melanoma or seeking information regarding melanoma treatment. Australia’s ‘National Cancer’, melanoma is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men and women.

A Skin Cancer check will usually focus on assessing key areas of concern identified by the patient as well as a more thorough assessment of overall skin health. Our doctors will spend time to identify potential issues or causes for concern with moles, bumps or birth-marks and where necessary undertake arrangements for excision and testing. In addition, we will provide awareness on ways to manage and prevent skin cancer.

You will require a double appointment for a Skin Cancer Check so please advise reception staff upon booking or book online at any of our 5 locations today…

Kidman Park

Hope Valley





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