Shockwave Therapy for Tennis Elbow

Jane presented to our Kidman Park consulting rooms with a classic case of “tennis elbow” caused by over-exercising in the gym.

Tennis elbow is the most common reason that people visit GPs or physio’s for pain in this area and is most common in those aged around 40. A busy keep-fit person, Jane was fearful that this could become a debilitating long-term injury.

We were able to reassure her that there are many treatment options and ongoing strategies available.

After a thorough examination we suggested Jane undertake a course of treatment in a program called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. Pro Physio SA has been using this new technology for more than three years and was one of the first Adelaide clinics to offer it. We have seen it provide extremely beneficial results for a range of complaints involving tendon, joint and muscle inflammation.

Jane undertook a four-week program, which involves a high-intensity sound wave that targets areas of chronic inflammation, stimulating a recuperation process.

She was extremely pleased to become one of the more than 70 per cent of patients who have experienced a significant, ongoing reduction in symptoms. Our physiotherapists developed an accompanying, long-term exercise and treatment regime to ensure Jane’s full recovery.

Speak to one of our experienced sports and musculo-skeletal physiotherapists about our shockwave therapy options.

This therapy has also been very successful in treating plantar fasciitis, a common complaint for middle-aged people. This is a stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot caused by inflammation of the band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes.

Another area where this therapy works well is in the treatment of rotator cuff calcific tendinitis, a condition that results in the formation of small calcium deposits within the tendons of the shoulder.

Call your nearest clinic to arrange an appointment with one of our physiotherapists who can assess and discuss the benefits of Shockwave Therapy for your specific condition.

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