Routine Podiatry Care

Foot problems relating to skin and nail care can have a detrimental effect on quality of life. Without regular maintenance, minor foot problems can become major issues requiring extra treatment. Our feet carry us throughout our entire lives, yet they are often neglected. Long/in-grown/thick nails, dry and cracked skin, athletes foot among many other nail and skin ailments can prevent us from completing simple daily tasks pain free.

Common complaints of the feet include in-growing toenails, callus, corns and fungal infections of the nails and skin.

In-grown toenails can result from poor cutting technique, tight fitting shoes or curved nails. Callus and corns form due to an increase in mechanical stress on the skin. This is a protective adaptive process, as the increased stress would otherwise leave the skin susceptible to wounds or ulceration. Factors likely to cause callus and corns includes abnormal pressure distribution, walking surfaces, footwear and obesity to name a few.

Nails are often the first visible site of disease and changes in nail appearance can demonstrate underlying disease or pathology.

Here at Pro Podiatry SA we are here to help. Amongst a plethora of treatments, our podiatrists enjoy providing routine skin and nail care every day, helping you to live a more comfortable life. Whether it be long or in-grown nails, corns, callus and other skin troubles we are here to help. So if you are having trouble with your feet and would like to live more comfortably, book an appointment with one of our podiatrists today at

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