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Counselling for Sexual Concerns

Seeking help with an emotional or life issue can be hard, taking courage and commitment to get across the threshold to meet a therapist and tell them what the problem is. If you are troubled by a sexual issue in your life this can seem even harder, because, despite what is portrayed in the media, there is still a lot of shame, stereotyping and ignorance surrounding many sexual issues. Sadly, this can be as true of a counsellor or psychotherapist as the general population – not all training exposes trainees to sexual issues and to exploring their own sexuality and prejudices.
If you want to explore an issue in the sexual area (e.g. your sexuality, orientation, gender, a sexual worry, problem or dysfunction) you need to know your therapist can talk frankly with you, putting you at ease to discuss openly.

At Pro Psychology SA, our therapists have worked with a wide range of sexual issues and are accustomed to helping put people at ease.

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