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Counselling for Abuse

Counselling for Abuse

Abuse, past or present can be experienced by anyone. When a child experiences sexual assault, it is commonly referred to as child sexual abuse. In recent years, female and male survivors of child sexual abuse have spoken out about their experiences.

Increased openness and a willingness by adult survivors to discuss sexual abuse, as well as the development of service support networks, has led to greater community understanding of this issue. Healthcare professionals have also learned a great deal about child sexual abuse and its effects from these stories.

Abuse can also be experienced in Domestic Violence relationships, including physical, verbal, emotional and social abuse. The effects of abuse upon an individual can include depression, anxiety, and panic, shame, difficulty developing or maintaining intimate relationships, sexual difficulties, addictions, compulsions, eating disorders and self-harm.

Many people have not ever told anyone about their experiences of abuse and often this is the first step and the first way that talking to a psychologist can help. Through counselling the individual can feel heard, acknowledged and supported in being able to manage their difficulties and move towards healing and recovery to living the life they choose to live.

At Pro Psychology SA, our Psychologists aim to provide a trusting, safe and confidential counselling relationship where it is possible to work through the abuse and the feelings associated with it to achieve real and lasting changes to present day life.

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